National Webinar on the theme “Impact of COVID-19 on Water, Environment and related Ecological and Human Systems”– June 05, 2021.

International Webinar on the theme “Arbitration from Practitioner’s Perspective”- June 09, 2021.

First Tamil Legal Webinar on the theme “Thuninthu Nil Penne- Protection of Women”– June 10, 2021.

National Webinar on “Development of Law of Easements in the context of Multi Storeyed Apartments”– June 13, 2021.

National Webinar on “Patent and Right to Health in COVID-19”– June 15, 2021.

Webinar on “A Peep into Judicial Services Examination”– June 16, 2021.

National Webinar on “Current Challenges in International Law”– June 18, 2021.

National Webinar on “Emerging Issues on Election Laws in India”– June 29, 2021.