General Rules: 

  1. All users of the library are requested to carry their Identity Cards, issued to them by the College, while visiting the library.
  2. The owner of the Identity card is responsible for the documents issued on his/her card.
  3. The borrower is fully responsible for the books borrowed on his ID card.
  4. Library/Identify card is Non-transferable.

Library Working Hours:

  • For Issue/Return: Monday to Friday:  10:30 AM to 5.15 PM
  • For reference: :9.45 AM to 5:30 PM

The library remains closed on all Holidays and other National Holidays.


  1. The library should be used for academic purposes only.
  2. All users are requested to maintain silence in the library and adhere strictly to its rules and regulations.
  3. Chatting, smoking, eating, sleeping, making visual aids and using mobile phones etc. is strictly prohibited in the library premises.
  4. All users are requested to keep their mobiles switched off or in silent mode in the library,
  5. The Librarian is authorized to terminate the membership of any borrower if he/she is found guilty of such misconduct.


Circulation Rules:

  1. All books except those marked as “Reference” belong to the Lending section.
  2. Library follows closed-access system. Our library staff assists you in borrowing books from lending section.
  3. The library is fully automated and software-generated transactions are authenticated.
  4. Each student can borrow two books at a time by producing Library Ticket with Smart identity card.
  5. Books in this section may be borrowed for a period of 14 days and shall be returned on the due date.
  6. The renewal system of the documents is not automatic therefore the books may be reissued at the library counter, if not required by other users.
  7. Books that are in great demand may be lent for such shorter period as may be necessary and books lend out may be recalled at any time if required.
  8. No user shall take a book or journal or any other reading materials out of the library without having it properly issued.
  9. All books should be returned to the library before going on long leave (i.e. for a month or so)

Reference Section rules:

  1. Encyclopedia, Dictionaries, Cases, Law Reports, Journals and other kinds of books which are in constant demand, costly books and other books as may from time to time be considered as necessary for ready reference shall not be lent but will be made available for consultation in the library.
  1. The borrowers shall return the reference books to the library assistant before they leave the room, A fine of Rs. 1/- per hour per book will be charge for the delayed return of reference books and law reports.


Damage and loss of library documents:

  1. Users should not deface, mark, cut, or mutilate the books and other reading materials in any manner. Users will be solely responsible for any damage caused by them to the documents.
  1. Users should check the books before borrowing that these are not damaged. If a book is found to be damaged or certain pages are missing, the borrower should get this statement recorded on the book, otherwise he/she shall be held responsible for the damage, discovered at the time of returning the books.
  1. In case of lost or damaged of single Book/Bound Volume by the borrower, the user shall replace the same of that with later edition otherwise an amount the double the cost of the book will be realized from the user.
  1. In case of lost or damaged of any volume from a multi-volume set of All India Reports or Supreme Court Cases and other Reports, the individual shall replace the same with later edition. In case replacement is not possible, cost of the whole volume set will be charged with processing charges of Rs. 100/- for each book will be realised from the user.


Fine Policy:

  1. A fine of Rs.2/- per day per Book up to first 30 days; Rs.3/- per day per book for the rest of default period.
  2. The amount of fine recovered from the users will be deposited to the Accounts Section with intimation to the concerned member.


Use of computers in Library

  1. The computers are kept in the library to search the Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC) and retrieve the data from online databases.
  2. Changing the settings and display of the computers in the library is not permitted.  Readers should also not remove/unplug computer cables/connections, network cables and other peripherals/ accessories in the library.
  3. Users of the library should note that all e-resources subscribed are licensed materials and cannot be shared with outside community as it may lead to copyright/license violation.